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5 years ago
Ali Adrien Joly

I know. I have been the first one to laugth whenever somebody pitches me the "next Facebook". But, given the fact that Facebook is more on the downslope than ever, and that I'm disappointed by the shallowness of what is shared on Instagram, Tiktok and other modern alternatives, I think that we should take a step back and make something valuable in the online social space. On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I see more and more people showing off, hunting for views and likes. That's not what I want to see from my friends, or people I find interesting. I would like to see more news about what really matters to them. Something that would make me want to call them and chat, rather than just leave a "like" or a publically-acceptable comment. I would love to open a stream once a week, where the people I care about most shared byte-sized journal entries. News that they intend to share with people who are genuinely interested in how they are doing, rather than a collection of photos and rants. Something more like an aggregator of personal newsletters, where writers could select who can read their news, and be limited to post only once per week. Also, it would be awesome to be able to read the last entry of your friend, whenever you where about to call them or send them a message. In order to better empathize with their current state of mind and interests. I'd love to read your opinion and/or ideas about this topic!

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